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A squirting dildo is shaped like a regular dildo but it lets you shoot fake semen and replicate the sensation of an ejaculating penis. Ejaculating dildos are used for artificial insemination, realistic facials, for pegging, and even as shot dispensers at college parties.

60 Best Squirting & Ejaculating Dildos (Cumming Dildos)

These realitsic, ejaculating dildos have the look of a lifelike penis and fake cum with lubricant of your choice via a pump chamber. Load the cumming dildo with fake cum and let these dildos squirt all over you.

Ejaculating Dildo Fluid - Fake Cum and How to Make It – Lovegasm

Now that we’re done with “how to make fake cum” part, you should know how to use an ejaculating dildo and how to fill it. There are two main types of these dildos. Both types will have a tube inside. The main difference is in the reservoir where the fluid is stored. The first type has a syringe, and you will simply fill the syringe with fake cum.

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Combine the ultra realistic look and feel of our lifelike dildo, the true to life ejaculation feature, and the authentic feel, look, and smell of our Jizz Lube, and you have the closest thing to a real cum shot you can buy! Measurements: Dildo: 8 inches in total length, 6.5 inches insertable length, 2 inches in diameter at widest point; Lube: 8 ...

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Squirting dildos usually come with fake sperm that tastes and smells like the real one. These are body-safe, and you can use them for any purpose you want. However, if you run out of it, or simply want it to taste differently, you can make your own fake semen.

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If you’re simply using your squirting dildo for oral sex purposes, you can try making a variety of tasty cum concoctions to make the fake semen taste better when you pump out the dildo. Make sure you clean the toy before and after use if you use lubricants or your own synthetic semen recipe.

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Gobblie Goo is an all natural, imitation semen product that looks and taste very real. Perfect for making movies, taking pictures, role playing, sqirting dildos, parties, gags, costumes, dancers and dancing shows, and more! 100% Edible ...

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In case you aren’t aware, you can buy ejaculating dildos which shoot “sperm” when you press on a pump attached to the toy. These squirting dildos are often used by people with a cum fetish, as well as men and women who enjoy the feeling of cum being pumped into their body when a sexual partner climaxes.

What Is Artificial Semen? (with pictures)

A sperm cell. There are two basic types of artificial semen, as of summer 2011. The first type is used for decorative or demonstrative purposes. Typically, people use this kind of fake semen during some sort of demonstration that, were it a real event, would involve real seminal fluid. The second type is more of a scientific step forward.