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Can you get pregnant by toys | Answers from Doctors | HealthTap

Yes: Engaging in unprotected sex is best (most fun) way to get pregnant. Home pregnancy tests are accurate 4wks after last menstrual period. Home pregnancy tests are accurate 4wks after last menstrual period.

The Sex Toy Some Women Are Using to Get Pregnant

The Sex Toy Some Women Are Using to Get Pregnant. Making turkey basters a thing of the past, one dildo at a time ... We spoke with her on the power of her sex toy to create pleasure and families ...

Sex Toys and STIs: 20 Facts About Risk, Safer Sex, Cleaning, More

If you can get pregnant and you share a sex toy with a person with a penis, pregnancy is technically possible if any pre-cum or ejaculation is present on the toy when you use it.

Yes, you can get pregnant without having penetrative sex ...

You could become pregnant without having penetrative sex if live sperm enters the body via ejaculation on fingers or a sex toy.

Not to alarm anyone, but you could get pregnant from dry humping

Yup, that often-fully-clothed sex simulation thing you usually do in da club when you just can't keep your hands off each other could result in you being with child. Which is far from ideal, tbh.

Are sex toys safe? - NHS

Sex toys are safe if used responsibly and kept clean. This is because sex toys can pass on sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and infections passed on through the blood (blood-borne infections).

Can You Get Pregnant from Anal Sex? Separating Fact from Fiction

In some cases, anal sex can lead to a weaker bowel and leakage. The takeaway Getting pregnant from anal sex is highly unlikely, but, if several different factors align, it is a remote possibility.

9 Sex Toy Mistakes You Might Be Making | SELF

The best thing about sex toys is that you can pretty much use them in whatever way brings you pleasure. It’s your body, so you get to pick what toys to use and how: the shape, the type of touch ...

Can I Get Pregnant From My Dog? - Plan B Side Effects

Can My Cat Get Pregnant From My Dog? This one I can understand a bit better. We had a dog once upon a time that enjoyed trying to, shall we say, impregnate, our cat. It was all for naught though as a canine cannot get a feline pregnant. A feline cannot get a canine pregnant and nothing other than a human being can get a human being pregnant.