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How to order sex toys without my parents knowing? - GirlsAskGuys

I've bought some stuff they never knew what it was because it never said on the box what it was. when you buy sex toys they never put something on the box that could give away whats inside so you can safely order stuff online if you are certain your parents won't open your packages. also be sure to check if the website you are ordering it on has discreet packaging.

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Okay, so, I'm 16 years old and I don't want to wait until I'm 18 to get a sex toy. I thought about getting a "prepaid debit card", but there's the possibility of the website needing proof of age, plus I have no way to get to the mail before my family does, and I don't have my own car to get to the post office without permission.

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Keep an eye out for your sex toy to arrive in the mail. It should come in a plain brown shipping container, which will protect your privacy. If you get a tracking code, check it every day to monitor your package's progress. That will help you make sure you get the package before your parents or guardians do.

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How to buy a vibrator without your parents knowing? I live with my mom and Ive been masturbating for 3 years and I want a vibrator. There is one on Amazon that is so simple but how can I buy it without my mom finding out? Whenever I order something she has to go through it. 4 Upvotes. Comment. You. Add Comment.

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Hey ladies,I wouldn't recommend buying a dildo.I am a married man and my wife uses one when we play, and one time she got infected cause she didn't wash it good.Plus from what I understand you are all young so if your parents are religious or super conservative they might give you sh*t.Best way to go is just buy condoms and roll them over whatever your mom has laying around in the kitchen ...

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To have sex without your parents knowing, wait until they leave for a date night or a weekend getaway so you can have the house to yourself. Alternatively, book a cheap motel room in town if you can afford it. If you or your partner has a car, drive somewhere quiet like a country road or empty parking lot to get some privacy.

11 Quiet Sex Toys for Sneaky Sex in Your Parents' House

Just slide it onto his penis and set it to "pressure-activated" mode for when you're sure you heard your parents go downstairs. BUY NOW Jimmyjane Iconic Ring, Simpli Pleasure, $20.

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This may sound silly but I'm a 15 year old girl I want to masturbate without my parents knowing. The only opportunity I get is at night in my room, but I'm afraid because I don't want my parents to hear me or anything. Hopefully I won't make noise.

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How to tell your parents that you want a sex toy. Ive been craving sex for awhile now and I cant bare to wait any longer I really have been wanting a dildo im afraid to tell me parents that I want one of the fear that they will punish me but I also want to know what they would say I would be so happy if the bought me one I just dont know if ...

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Report your neighbors to the feds for opening your mail. Videotape the arrest and then sell the tape to COPS. Go to local adult store and buy a new sex toy with money from videotape. Mail the new sex toy to your neighbors. #? Jul 24, 2008 20:16 Profile; Post History; Rap Sheet