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Law Banning Sex-Toy Sales Unenforceable?

Selling sex toys in Mississippi may not get you in trouble anymore. That's because the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the Texas law banning the sale of the devices violates your constitutional right to privacy.

Dildos Still Illegal To Sell In Mississippi – Consumerist

retail shopping sex mississippi dildos laws Bad news for the loveless or those who have to endure the unskilled, pedestrian gropings of their lovers in Mississippi: selling sex toys is still...

Court upholds sex toy ban, no fundamental right to dildos ...

The Mississippi high court said there is no fundamental right of access to buy sexual devices.

Mississippi Outlaws Sex Toys - General Talk - Bellazon

Mississippi outlaws sex toys (Dan Abrams) There is a landmark legal battle of constitutional proportions being fought down in Mississippi. It involves fundamental rights protected by the First and Fourteenth Amendments, not to mention the rights of certain small business owners to satisfy their customers.

Adult Video laws in Mississippi | Legal Advice

Adult Video laws in Mississippi. I live near Hattiesburg Mississippi and i am currently trying to figure out the legality of opening up a business that will have an adult DVD section in the rear of the store. There are already 3 stores that sell pornography and sex toys in Hattiesburg Mississippi.

Adult Store Caught Selling Illegal Sex Toys

But in fact, it is. Section 97 of Mississippi State Law prohibits the sale of such 3-dimensional devices like the one we were sold. Hobby: "That's not a sex toy" Kandiss: "What would you call this then? It's a personal vibrator." Hobby: "It can be put on your arm, your neck, your leg if it's hurting or anything. It's just a vibrator."

These States Still Ban Cohabitation, Sex Toys... And Gay ...

Bans on harmless fun like sex toy sales and free happy hour drinks may be silly, but they're not going to change anyone's life. Here are some unnecessary bans still on the books in the U.S. The only one widely enforced by a majority of states is the one that prevents gay people from marrying. Infographic by Troy Dunham for The Huffington Post.

It's Still Illegal to Buy Sex Toys in Some Parts of America ...

Melissa Davenport, a 44-year-old with MS, needs vibrators for a healthy sex life. Some cities, towns and counties ban the sale--or even ownership--of sex toys in America. These laws might still be...

10 Strange Sex Laws in the United States | Mental Floss

Six states—Idaho, Illinois, Massachusetts, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Utah—still have fornication laws, which basically decree all forms of non-marital sex illegal, but these laws are ...

What is the Texas sex toy law?

Openly displayed sex toys are illegal under indecency laws in Texas. The law labels the sex toy as an "obscene device". Texas bans owning or promoting the use of more than six dildos. Approved in the 1970s, the law bans as obscene any device used "primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs".